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Welcome to Annie Robina Glass Designs

Organic free flowing forms fundamentally provide the inspiration for most of my designs. From this I can create my own pictorial language, often manipulating symbolism of Celtic influence.

The work that evolves is often nostalgic, a reflection of a more spiritual reality.

The traditional techniques of leading, copper foiling and painting feature in a lot of my work; however as the relatively new technique of glass fusion has gained increased popularity, so it has begun to significantly influence more of my designs.

Stained glass design tuition by Annie Robina UK

Please click here to visit Annie's glass art design gallery, which contains images of her Celtic glass design work, as well as images of hand made glass designs.

Drawing and design courses by Annie Ronbina Wales UK

Take a look at Annie's drawings, which are the inspiration behind much of her work depicting the beautiful Welsh countryside as well as folklore and tales from Celtic myth and legend.

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