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As an ancient and traditional subject, the mirror had been the first Artist, and therefore has a prominent position in the creation and formulation of aesthetics.

Metaphorically speaking, Art is a mirror , a reflection of society , with all it’s customs, beliefs, folklore, superstition, even of the artist himself. The people we are in relationships with are always a mirror reflecting our own beliefs and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting their beliefs .

A mirror, like a picture reflects ‘reality’. It either records, magnifies, redefines , or distorts an object – it even evokes infinity.

The mirror belongs to Man as one of the most important attributes of his surroundings. It is used as a means of self control, of connecting to the reality of who we are within our environment, both interior and exterior. It gives us proof of our own acceptance , but also documents the changes that we experience as our life’s journey unfolds. selects excerpts from a variety of pictures , either through it’s outline or with the frame cut into them. Depending upon it’s position, it can tilt them, place them at an angle, even distort them.

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